The integration of Robotics into plastics manufacturing has been occurring at Lomont Molding LLC (Lomont) since 1987. Starting with the basic picking robotics, Lomont has advanced to large pedestal models the can now carry out complex tasks with enhanced accuracy in the largest tonnage machines. Lomont believes that automation is the key to ensuring our customers a competitive price while still being able to deliver a quality product. Because we utilize our automation system so effectively, we can process your orders faster, allowing for critical order fulfillment that is key to inventory requirements.


Robotics in the Plastics industry provide numerous application advantages including:

  • Consistency in part quality
  • Reduced costs in regard to molding, labor, and parts
  • Reduces part variations, which in return reduces waste and increases yields
  • Machine utilization is increased and cycle times are more consistent, creating a quicker and more efficient molding process

Application Capabilities

  • Part and insert loading automation
  • Part handling automation
  • In-Mold decorating application
  • Over-molding automation
  • Custom end-of-arm tooling