Lomont Molding LLC

Concrete Solutions

Lomont Molding LLC's (Lomont) proprietary business unit Paragon Products (Paragon) has shown the concrete industry that plastic concrete accessories can exceed metal alternatives in quality and price in all areas of construction. Paragon has adapted its extensive product line to take advantage of the changing needs of the concrete construction community. Warehousing and in-house molding enables Paragon to ship immediately at take advantage of Lomont’s logistical transportation platform. Markets served include commercial, highway, precast, tilt-up, test labs and safety devices. All products are supported by extensive testing and approval by Office of Material Divisions throughout the United States. Paragon’s leadership in the concrete industry has allowed them to be the benchmark in quality, service and price. Let them show you how they can give you the service and products to tackle your most demanding concrete project.

Molding Capabilities

Paragon’s molding expertise includes:


Concrete Proficiency

Paragon’s emphasis on quality, research, and price can be seen in these examples:

  • Rebar Support Chairs
  • Post-Tensioning Products
  • Safety Caps
  • Concrete Test Cylinders
  • Precast Products
  • Tilt-Up Chairs