Lomont Molding LLC

Lomont Molding LLC ERP Operating System

Lomont Molding LLC (Lomont) utilizes EnterpriseIQ by IQMS to operate and manage our business. EnterpriseIQ is real-time Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for plastics, process, and repetitive manufacturers. IQMS' manufacturing ERP software offers the largest footprint of ERP, manufacturing, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and supply chain software modules in the industry. EnterpriseIQ is comprehensive and specific to the manufacturing industry, which allows Lomont to better service our customers. 

ERP System

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) Data
  • Lot Number Tracking
  • Real-Time Cylce (Process) information
  • Serialized Finished Goods (FG) Control for Traceability
  • Warehouse Management Utilizing Barcode Scanning
  • Internal Gage Calibration Schedule