Lomont Molding LLC

Imaginative Expertise

custom plastic extrusions for the medical industry

Medical molding is best handled by companies with the experience and expertise to meet the challenges imposed by modern medical OEM requirements. We have over 35 years of production background in designing Blow Molding and High Pressure Injection Molding products for a wide array of medical applications. This understanding has allowed us to handle your most technical problems with money saving and innovative approaches. ISO quality programs coupled with our enhancement Core Competencies such as Assembly and Secondary Services can add additional value to your entire project process.  

Molding Processes

Lomont Molding LLC's (Lomont) services include:

Medical Molding Proficiency

Lomont's proficiency in medical experience, part engineering, and total process control allow best-in-class for these part types:

  • Reagent Containers
  • Vials
  • Medical Instruments
  • Carts and Instrument Containers
  • Control and Work Surfaces