Lomont Molding LLC

custom plastic extrusions for the defense industry

Superior Defense Results

We know that when critical parts are needed for the Defense industry, Lomont can deliver with precision and speed. Years of experience in designing and molding for the Defense industry gives your Engineering & Sourcing personnel the information required when a go to source for expertise is needed. The ability to use plastic presses of 100 to 2700 tons, gives buyers the ability to place entire projects with Lomont. Whether you are using resins such as PEEK, ULTEM, POLYCARBONATE or any engineered plastic, our knowledge to fit resin to your requirements is paramount. Featuring the ultimate in best practices and ISO standards; Lomont can work effectively at any level of your project. Lomont has been molding extreme environment parts to the defense and commercial community for over a decade. Whatever your needs. Whatever your schedule. From prototyping to full scale production runs we can make a difference. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.  

Superior Capabilities

Lomont has you covered with its molding expertise:


Precision Parts

Lomont’s emphasis on quality, design and price can be seen in these examples:

  • Cases & Containers
  • Lighting & Safety Gear
  • Graphical & Visual Materials
  • Assembly Trays & Weapon Accessories
  • Guidance System Components
  • Aircraft Assemblies & Panels