In-Mold Graphics

In-mold graphics process is accomplished with robotics at Lomont Molding. Results of this process; Part and film have now become one component. This process provides a surface coating that is abrasion proof, scratch resistant and permits a diversity of colors. It also will enable two dimensional decoration and symbols on components with complex shapes.

Finished parts are completed in one operation. This method is very flexible in its application and permits parts to be generated with specific surface characteristics. There is a wide variety of ways of implementing technically demanding, economically interesting and sensible applications through in-mold graphics.

Because of its flexibility [combination of plastic injection molded part and functional film], in-mold graphics offers interesting solution options since the surface of the plastic component is formed by the film in this process.

Typical applications for Insert mold decoration; medical and pharmaceutical products, electronic devices, telecommunications equipment, computer parts, appliance panels, automotive parts, and point of purchase display components, plus many others.

Important benefits of insert mold decoration are the ability to print complex graphics on irregular surfaces, high durability of decoration due to second surface printing, numerous textures, finishing and forming capabilities, including integral windows.

The secondary processes and operations are eliminated through the use of in-mold graphics, along with allowing quality control prior to molding. Make rapid graphic changes and produce different looking parts from the same mold. There are a great many ways to implement complicated applications with insert mold decoration.

This method is very flexible and permits parts to be produced with many different surface characteristics. The need for other processes such as hot stamping, thermal transfer, pad printing and etc. are not needed.

You now have a completed part with decoration produced with one operation. This process will lower your systems cost in many of your applications. 

Manufactured with robotics utilizing the innovative patent pending method that capitalizes on the advanced properties of plastic materials through the molding process.

There is a wide variety of ways of implementing Technical, Sensible and Economically Interesting solutions through IN-MOLD TECHNOLOGIES