Lomont Molding offers profile extrusion molding as well.  
  • This process takes raw thermoplastic material in the form of small beads and feeds them from a top mounted hopper into the barrel of the extruder.

  • Additives such as colorants and UV inhibitors and others are often added.

  • This process has much in common with plastic injection molding from the point of the extruder technology though it differs in that it is a continuous process.

  • We produced complex profile with internal wall and simple profile with only external walls.

  • Lomont extruders are connected directly to our IQMS operating system along with being on a closed loop chilled water system.

  • All profile processed though our 5 zoned heat controlled monitoring system which allow us to provide high quality show and non-show parts at a high FPM output.

  • Along with a full secondary department we offer in-line filming, in-line data and part coding.