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Joe & Dave’s Balancing Act

Most of our readers are familiar with the Thermo King Corporation and their reputation for innovation in the refrigerated transportation market. Lomont was recently awarded the opportunity to help them in their new patent pending Eco-Pulldown technology system that allows refrigerated truck mount units to save 15% on operating costs. The Eco-Pulldown unit is used in conjunction with the Precedent DDE (Diesel Direct Electric) architecture which can result in an overall savings of 34%.

This is a huge step forward and clearly marks a departure from their competition. Lomont is responsible for the fan units on the Eco system and must balance each one to the standards that Thermo King has established to give optimum performance.

Joe Curfman and Dave McDowell work in the fan balancing department of Lomont. This area is mission critical to developing and proving up the fan unit reliability of the Thermo Kings’ Eco technology. Each fan must be operating to specifications for up to 20 years of continuous service. So, you can well imagine that Thermo King has placed a great deal of trust in Lomont to provide fan units that will perform under any extremes to their customers satisfaction.

Joe and Dave, as part of the project management team, where tasked with making sure that the Test Sample Eco fan units would be adaptable to the computer driven balancing equipment. This was successfully accomplished and was one of the keys in moving the Eco project forward from Testing Samples to full production runs. Thanks Joe and Dave for helping our customers to be successful in this important project.

This is another example of how Lomont’s employees help our customers each day.

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