Employee of the Month – April

Meet Lomont Molding’s April EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, Sivanh Sithideth.

Sivanh has been with Lomont Molding for five years and says that this job is by far her favorite! Starting off as a machine operator she moved into doing secondary testing work before promoting to her current role as a Production Lead.

As a Lead, her responsibilities include making sure all parts are running in spec, ensuring operators are following quality processes, testing parts to verify they are meeting specifications, and working with all plant staff to assure a great working environment.

Originally born in Laos, she moved to the United States when she was 8 years old. She has lived in Mount Pleasant for 17 years. She also went to High School in Ottumwa before moving to Mount Pleasant. Sivanh is married and has four children. Three of which are triplets, 3 girls currently 15 years old, and a 2 year old son.

When asked – she said the most rewarding part of her job here at Lomont is working with the people she does and the satisfaction of making quality parts in the most efficient way possible.

Outside of work Sivanh stays very busy with her family. She also enjoys when she can find time to do things like textile crafts, travel, and gardening.

We’re extremely thankful to have Sivanh on our team and look forward to a bright future with her. Thank you Sivanh for all you do!

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