Employees of the Month – May

These four represent our 1st team Mold Setters here at Lomont Molding. Having multiple employees of the month is certainly a new idea for us – but we only saw it as fitting. Due to the recent COVID19 pandemic Lomont saw increased production in its essential business lines as well as a loss of indirect labor that heavily impacted Lomont’s mold setting capability.

Zach Starr, Devin Peer, Mauricio Martinez, and Eric Movall answered the call by going above and beyond. They worked extensive overtime as well as working on off-shifts helping to turn the tables in those areas that were being impacted. Mold Setters are vital for plastic OEM molders as numerous machine changeovers need to happen daily.

Mauricio started as an operator at Lomont for 6 years before promoting to mold setting. He is veteran of Lomont’s operations and a real asset to the team. Zach also started as an Operator at Lomont initially for 6 months before promoting to mold setting where he has been now for 3 years. Zach’s work ethic and can-do attitude has been noticed by anyone who works in the production area.

Devin is another who began his career as an Operator, being in that role for a year before promoting to mold setting. He is finishing up his fourth year as a mold changing expert. Erik is actually one of our tool room team members. Although his core role is not that of a Mold Setter – he was quick to jump in and help our team in this demanding time. Eric’s versatility continues to be an enormous asset to the Lomont Team.

Whether it’s due to start/end of a run or a mold needing removed for repair – it’s the Mold Setter that will accomplish this. The molds we work with range anywhere from a few hundred to sixty-thousand pounds, so handling these tools require a lot of skill and precision. It can also be a demanding role as it often requires you to climb in and out of machines when securing/removing the mold or attaching/detaching water and hydraulic lines

The sheer number of mold changes required is very challenging in and of itself. The team of four has been changing anywhere from 10 to 22 molds daily. This can vary greatly based on the mold and machines. Large molds can require a lot more time and additional personnel to assist with install/removal. It is amazing to consider how these four individuals have been able to accomplish so much in the past few months. Performing under pressure and coming through with a positive attitude, their accomplishment has been an inspiration to us all.

Throughout this trying time the mold setting team has helped Lomont to maintain its overall quality, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction commitments. We would not be able to deliver on those commitments if it were not for people like Zach, Eric, Devin, and Mauricio. Please help us recognize them for all their dedication and hard work!

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