Employee of the Month – March

Meet Lomont Molding’s March EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, Rosa Zaragosa.

Rosa is one of our dedicated Machine Operators here at Lomont. She has been with Lomont for twenty years, through all of which she has maintained a reputation for her strong work ethic, helpful personality, and attention to detail. She

As always – we here at Lomont pride ourselves on our diverse molding capabilities through our various types of equipment as well as our engineering expertise. With this it becomes increasingly valuable as a machine operator to be trained and proficient on multiple machines and processes. Rosa is no stranger to this as she can run nearly any press on the production floor. She favors running our structural foam presses, which is where Lomont got its start in 1982.

Rosa has been a resident of Mount Pleasant for as long as she has been a valued employee of Lomont Molding. Upon moving to Mount Pleasant, Rosa immediately started working at Lomont. She occasionally will work alongside her daughter, Yesica, who is also a machine operator here.

Outside of Lomont – Rosa is a mother to three daughters and one son. She also is a proud grandparent of four. In her free time she enjoys cooking and is well revered for her abilities! She also enjoys spending time with family whenever she can.

You’ll have a hard time ever walking by Rosa on the production floor without catching her friendly smile. She is a great representation of what makes the Lomont Family such a great group to be a part of. We’re happy to have so many great memories with Rosa and look forward to many more!

Thank you Rosa for all you do!

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