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Value of Training to Prevent Unintended Downtime

Here at Lomont we have a fully equipped and staffed tool room that’s capable of producing, modifying, and maintaining our molds. However, it’s still a problem unexpectedly losing production time so knowing what to watch for to prevent downtime is a key part of Lomont’s training for all production employees.

For example, a leading cause of downtime due to mold issues are ejector pins. Ejector pins are a very common maintenance item for molders that cause downtime. While some signs may not be obvious – a vigilant operator could identify many issues before they progress to the point of a catastrophic failure.

Jim Fattori, an injection molder with more than 40 years of molding experience, has written a multi-part article detailing the causes of ejector pin failures and how to prevent them. Check out Jim Fattori’s articles to learn more – see the following link for his first write-up. It’s a great article that points out early signs of ejector pin problems before a failure occurs.
Click here to read Jim Fattori’s first part of his series: Why Ejector Pins Break…and How to Prevent It.

These kinds of issues are what lead us here at Lomont to invest so heavily in our training programs. Educating our production employees on how to identify issues in their place in the process allows us to avoid downtime that results in increased costs and late shipments.

Our priority is always to deliver on time quality parts for our customers!

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