Congratulations Carl Frank on Your Retirement!

We would like to recognize Carl Frank, Director of Communication & Marketing at Lomont, on his retirement after fifteen years of outstanding service to Lomont Molding LLC.

Carl began his tenure at Lomont Molding in 2005 originally as Lomont’s National Accounts Manager. There are very few areas throughout the company that haven’t benefited from Carl’s work over the years.

His list of accomplishments in his time at Lomont is a large one. He is credited with the pioneering of the Lomont IMT proprietary line which continues to be unmatched by competitors and grows day by day.

We must recognize him as well for his extensive work as Director of Communication & Marketing for heading the formation of a dedicated Marketing Department at Lomont. With this Carl has also contributed heavily to not only short term but the long-term strategy behind Lomont’s business operations.

Outside of his corporate achievements though – he is even more highly regarded for the friendship and mentorship he has provided over the years. Many of the Lomont family at all levels can attest to Carl’s optimistic light hearted nature as well as his ability to give feedback and advice to nearly any situation.

It’s never easy to say goodbye but we’re extremely proud that we got to share the last fifteen years with Carl and are excited to see what adventures await him.

Thank you Carl, you will be missed!

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