Employee of the Month – November

Meet Lomont Molding’s November EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, Norma Perez.

Norma is one of our Secondary Services team members here at Lomont. 2021 will see her hit her fifteen-year anniversary at Lomont! She originally started here in 2006 as a Production Operator before promoting to her current role in our secondary department.

One of Lomont’s greatest strengths as a molder is that we have capabilities in multiple different styles of molding. Lomont’s secondary department is a great example of this! Walking in you can find a busy paint booth, insert installations, packaging, and more!

With multiple departments though with varying demand it becomes even more crucial to have team members who are cross trained across departments and equipment. Norma has proven herself to be extremely dependable in this regard as she is one of the first to look outside of her role to find ways she can help and improve the environment for her coworkers.
Norma is widely respected among her peers for her attention to detail, caring personality, and strong work ethic. She is regularly one of the first people know they can look to when needing help.

Outside of work she is also a proud mother of two! She enjoys spending time outdoors with activities such as fishing. She also enjoys anything that means spending time with her family as well!

We are happy to recognize Norma for her hard work and dedication! Thank you, Norma, for all you do!

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