Employee of the Month – December

Meet Lomont Molding’s December EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, Jessica Roller

Jessica is one of our dedicated Quality Technicians here at Lomont and has been here for five and a half years. As a quality tech, Jessica has numerous critical responsibilities.

This includes setting up operator instructions for production, PPAP’s (Production Part Approval Process), out of box audits, and many more. In addition, she is also a primary source for external customer contact for the quality team.

Jessie is excited to celebrate her 25th birthday coming up in a couple weeks on January 2nd. She has been married to her husband Joe for a year and a half. Currently she lives in Morning Sun, IA.

Outside of work she loves to spend time with family and working with crafts. She also describes herself as a shopaholic and she loves to decorate. In the warmer months you can also find her enjoying going to the races!

When asked about if there has been anything or anyone who has influenced/helped her with her success here at Lomont she was quick to identify Todd Longhurst, our Sales Engineer/Project Manager who oversees much of the Quality team’s work. She credits him with being a great teacher and motivator for her.

Jessie is known around the plant for her positivity – always in good spirits and a friendly face to all. She is also credited with having a consistently strong work ethic and we’re proud to recognize her as our December of the Employee of the Month.

Thank you Jessie, for all you do!

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