Happy Easter from Lomont Molding!

During this critical time in our country’s history it is important to understand the important role Lomont Molding is playing in helping our country. We are playing key roles in making sure that the sanitizing chemicals that make it possible for food industry safety and personal hygiene to take place are properly labeled. Lomont is the industry leader in manufacturing regulatory markings for the chemical sanitizing and food safety industry. Additionally, we are manufacturing for five different medical device companies. Each one is playing a critical role in keeping our health care institutions supplied with equipment necessary for functioning during this urgent time.

Without exception the companies that provide the bulk of our molding customers are pillars of the business community. Without their products our country’s infrastructure would not stand. Because of your hard work and dedication we are helping support those who need our manufacturing capabilities the most.

You may have noticed those Essential Manufacturing stickers we are placing on every shipment. Lomont is considered essential in the war against this pandemic but in a larger sense it shows our community that we believe in a higher calling. One that shows that we will continue to work towards building a better tomorrow.

Lomont is using all the tools at its disposal to fight for our country and to keep you safe for your families. There is still a long way to go but we are heading in the right direction.

God Bless each one of you during this Easter Season.

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