How so? You may be telling yourself

Plastics can be a confusing blend of fact and fiction.

Sometimes the more we think we understand the facts about plastic the more it seems like fiction.

Need advice and help to make plastic work for you?

Well brothers & sisters the sun is now shining on a new day for you!


Lomont can lead you to the promised land of plastic knowledge and understanding in five different ways

1.  We use Innovation to lead the way in defining your future. Your plastic future begins here.

2. We say Quality isn’t just a word it is the holy word of our company. Your plastic salvation

3. We take the fiction out of Technology and makes what matters most in Your plastics business come to life.

4. Our Process involves moving your products to you faster and cheaper. The way it should be

5. Talented and hardworking People are the glue that holds it all together. Dedicated to helping you

We will show you what it means to be informed and confident in your chosen Plastic Field of Dreams…. Plastic Rules!

So what are you waiting for? Bookmark this blog and relax.

Come back early and often. You won’t be disappointed.



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