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If you feel that IT systems, electronic devices and automation are state of the art then it is likely you have not heard about Industry 4.0 or as we call it at Lomont Molding: “4PT0”.

A wave of technology has descended on the Manufacturers in America over the last decade. Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, system integration and a host of new soft ware developments are beginning to change the world. Or at least the manufacturing world as we now know it.

So where do you fit into this revolution in technology? Will you be skilled enough to compete? Will you even have a job? Being afraid of the technological unknown has been a life long slough for most of the workers since time in memoriam. When the first caveman got hit by a spear with a flint point he began to realize that the rocks he used to throw were probably not going to be adequate. Adaption to technological change has always been a problem for any society. Remember how the Luddites rose up against the machines during the 1st Industrial Revolution and here we are on the doorstep of the 4th .

Lomont Molding understands the commitment it is going to take in order to make the quantum jump between the 3rd & 4th Revolution. Skills that were not dreamed about even ten years ago are going to be not only required but integrated into the manufacturing process. Artificial Intelligence for instance will be working seamlessly with skilled operators through integrated software programs to produce products not currently possible today. Modeling the factories of the future tomorrow will seem like something out of science fiction today.

Our Lomont employees today understand that they will be needing to develop new skills and capabilities over the next few years. Learning how to use the technology, software and data to develop innovative solutions to a whole host of integrated manufacturing challenges will leave many at the starting line. Destined to be no longer a part of the Revolution in manufacturing. Fortunately those that work at Lomont understand these challenges.

Most importantly what will this mean to our customers as the 4.0 process transition takes place?

It will deliver to you a much higher quality product with a lot more innovation. It will bring the products to market faster with less inventory headaches. Products will be at the docks sooner and as they are needed.

Start planning today. The opportunities to benefit yourself through Industry 4.0 are many. Make sure you are prepared when those opportunities come along.

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