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Industry 4.0 – Where are we now?

Here at Lomont Molding LLC we’re always looking for new ways to drive innovation throughout our processes. Many of the ways we are doing this fall in line of what is called Industry 4.0. We intend to continue pushing forward with this philosophy, so we thought it might be a good time to highlight what Industry 4.0 is and how we relate to it.

The term Industry 4.0 is used to label what is known as the fourth Industrial Revolution. It is known as the Automation Revolution. It is still a relatively recent idea that was coined in 2011 by Bosch at the Hannover Trade Fair in Germany. The progress of this revolutionary idea in such a short amount of time is significant.

For many manufacturers – to embody the concept of Industry 4.0 is to adopt the idea of working towards becoming a “Smart Factory.” This especially becomes more important for manufacturers with multiple locations like those connected with Lomont Molding.

Complicated processes for transferring and monitoring work between various locations are becoming a thing of the past as advanced networking and automation systems help them become more streamlined.

The advantages behind perfected automation in manufacturing environments are vast. The most important to note is it allows robotics to work alongside humans more efficiently. This means manufacturers can focus on eliminating physical tasks for humans that involve safety risks such as exposure to extreme temperatures and toxic chemicals.

This type of change requires a more skilled work force. The 4.0 operator will be responsible for maintaining, programming, and working alongside these new technologies. Quality is another area where productivity from automation will show large gains as these new systems gain more ability to make consistent calculated decisions especially in repetitive process’.Here at Lomont we are driving implementation of the core ideas of Industry 4.0. See above for one of our robots that have revolutionized a process that was previously tedious and challenging. We also have advanced monitoring systems that give us an in-depth look to our daily operations in real time. Lomont looks for further advancement in our efficiency, quality, and safety as we continue to establish goals utilizing Industry 4.0 .

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