Employee of the Month – October

Meet Lomont Molding’s October EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, Cody Timmerman.

Cody is one of our Process Engineers here. His responsibilities are vast and spread all around the facility. Primarily he works with engineering, quality, testing, and advanced setups around the facility. He is consistently evaluating processes and coming up with ideas to increase efficiency.

Cody has proved himself time and again to be an incredibly talented problem solver who can perform at the highest levels of skill and management of process systems in our facility. Last year he was even nominated as a candidate for the Society of Plastic Engineers Young Injection Molding Engineer Award.

Many of our larger accounts themselves have recognized Cody as being one of the best young engineering talents they have seen. Cody came to Lomont Molding with no plastic injection experience eight years ago. He has completed multiple training programs through Lomont including outside classes including that of renown plastic injection scientist, John Bozzelli.

Outside of work Cody stays very busy as well. He and his wife are expecting their first child in December. Originally born in Davenport where he only spent five years, Cody mostly grew up in Mount Pleasant and recently moved to Washington where he and his wife recently bought a house.

Cody currently spends a lot of time working on projects around his home. He also enjoys fishing and working with vehicles. Family is also an important part of Cody’s life that he enjoys making time for.

We’re extremely grateful for Cody and his dedication to his work and the entire team here at Lomont. He is well respected by his colleagues and is always happy to help with issues, discuss his work, and help teach where he can.

Thank you Cody, for all you do!

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