Reducing Material Waste – Lomont’s New Rotary Shredder

Check out Lomont Molding LLC’s newest addition to our line of equipment used to reduce our material waste. Maximizing our material efficiency is an important component of Lomont’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Expanding these capabilities is also key in our abilities to reduce material cost for our customers.

This new equipment is a Vecoplan VAZ 1100 XL Rotary Shredder that is designed especially for use with materials such as plastic purge and scrap. It also has other various capabilities with wood scrap, pallets, cardboard, paper, and more. It is a stacked system that allows the combination of multiple processes into one unit while also saving space.

There are two main types of machines involved in recycling plastic materials – a granulator and a shredder. This stacked system from Vecoplan incorporates both and allows us to maximize recycling efficiency and operator safety.

Previously recycling scrap such as this required extensive manual cutting by operators to get the material to appropriate sizes to be used with traditional equipment.

Here at Lomont we have additional recycling efforts besides plastic materials/parts that include but are not limited to corrugated items, wooden pallets, paper, and printer cartridges.

Our efforts to minimize our energy consumption and waste production also involve our use of energy efficient lighting, returnable packaging, and recycling of water used in our manufacturing processes.


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