Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Program

Lomont offers a well-defined and documented Quality Program that is based on ISO 9001 Standards utilizing EnterpriseIQ software. EnterpriseIQ is a product of IQMS and is powered by Oracle as the operating platform. EnterpriseIQ is a real-time ERP software initially designed for the plastic manufacturing industry.  Lomont’s short and long range goals both include continuous development and refinement of our Quality System through our EnterpriseIQ software. The Quality management System within EnterpriseIQ provides a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities necessary to ensure compliance with various quality standards including ISO standards, automotive (QS-9000 and TS 16949), and medical (21 CFR Part 11). Key functionalities such as product quality planning, document control, corrective action request, lot traceability, and instrument and gage control. Lomont is committed to Continuous Improvement of our Quality System and encourages personnel at all levels to provide ideas for improving products, processes, systems, productivity, and the work environment.

Our Quality Assurance Program is a comprehensive and company-wide commitment to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.

Total quality is assured at all levels. There are no exceptions to this commitment.

Each and every employee, including management, is expected to understand and work towards our quality assurance standards. Success requires satisfied customers.

Our quality assurance system reflects Lomont's total commitment to achieving the goal of meeting the needs of our customers efficiently and safely.